Land O Lakes’ Limited Edition Maple Brown Sugar Butter Is BACK for Fall

Maple Me Crazy butter is going to make life sweeter.

What’s better than butter and brown sugar? Not much! That’s why Land O Lakes’ maple brown sugar butter has our attention. We’ll have to sample this sweet butter spread ASAP. Here’s what you need to know!

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What Is This Butter?

This is no ordinary Land O Lakes stick of butter. It’s a “limited batch” called Maple Me Crazy that comes in a plastic tub. It’s made with sweet cream, maple syrup and, of course, brown sugar.

@FoodDivaHunting on Instagram found this decadent butter in Kroger, and we’re already clamoring for a bite.

The obvious applications come to mind immediately, like spreading it on warm toast. We’re sure it would be just as glorious melting on top of a fluffy stack of pancakes or a golden waffle. You could also get a little crafty in the kitchen. We bet the spread would be the crowning glory on top of a baked sweet potato or slathered on a wedge of buttery cornbread.

Why not gather the family for a movie night and melt Maple Me Crazy butter to pour over a bowl of popcorn? Then, follow this guide to turn your backyard into a movie theater.

Where to Find It

You might be aware that Land O Lakes already makes a Honey Butter Spread and a Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread, but those are in regular rotation. This Maple Me Crazy spread is a limited edition, and we all know what that means. If you see this buttery delight at your local store, you should snag it before it’s gone.

Just don’t forget to practice healthy shopping etiquette. From social distancing to one-way aisles, here’s what stores are doing to keep people safe.

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