The Secret Resource You’re Not Taking Advantage of at Kroger

Your local Kroger might be able to connect you with a registered dietitian. Is there a Little Clinic in your store?

Want to make healthy choices—but aren’t sure where to start at the grocery store? I know I’m pressed for time during the week and can’t help but grab ready-made food some days. You might want to learn more about a specific style of eating like going gluten-free or the paleo diet.

There’s a service at some Kroger stores that can help us out!

What Is The Little Clinic?

The Little Clinic partners customers with registered dietitians and nutritionists. It’s located right within select Kroger grocery stores and has reasonable prices, too. You can have personalized help from The Little Clinic, whether you’re looking to shift to a plant-based lifestyle, focus on heart-healthy foods, explore the Mediterranean diet or eat a more well-rounded diet.

What Services Does It Offer?

There are a variety of services at The Little Clinic that I didn’t even know existed. Here are the ones I liked most:

  • Walk & Talk: You literally walk down the aisles of your grocery store with a dietitian to find the right food choices for your diet.
  • Personal Nutrition Coaching: You can get a nutrition consultation with a registered dietitian. Yes, please!
  • Group Programs: If being one-on-one with a dietitian feels intimidating, you can walk through grocery store aisles and watch cooking demos with a group.
  • 90-Day Weight Management Program: This is a 14-session program focused on managing weight loss through healthy eating. You get one pre-health assessment, 12 dietitian sessions to hold you accountable and one post-health assessment. Kind of reminds us of Weight Watchers.

Where Can I Find One?

Right now, The Little Clinic is available in select Kroger, Fry’s, JayC, Dillons and King Soopers stores in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. You can find the location closest to you with their helpful Clinic Locator.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The services are affordably priced, and they will also run a benefit check to see if your insurance will cover your sessions. (In other words, you might be able to see a dietitian at Kroger for free!)

Here’s what the rates look like:

  • Walk & Talk: 30 minutes, $20
  • Personal Nutrition Coaching: 30 minutes, $40
  • 90-Day Weight Management Program: 14 sessions, 30 minutes each, $280, additional 30 minute sessions are priced at $20

At low prices that are possibly covered by insurance, and no commitment (except for the 90-day program), The Little Clinic seems to be worth a shot. Even one personal nutrition session or Walk & Talk through your local grocery store could help clear up any questions. It might even be the hands-on approach that you need to achieve your goals!

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