Krispy Kreme Just Debuted 3 New Doughnuts—and We Want to Try Them All

Krispy Kreme is dishing out breakfast and dessert with these oh-so sweet doughnuts.

Whether you’re an original glaze fan or a cake batter connoisseur, Krispy Kreme is the doughnut lover’s go-to for a morning pick-me-up. The menu is so big and packed with so many flavors it’s hard to try them all. But, if your sweet tooth wakes up with you, there’s a new line of doughnuts guaranteed to satisfy.

Krispy Kreme just rolled out three brand-new dessert-inspired doughnuts we already can’t get enough of. The catch? They’re only available for a limited time.

Psst! Have you ever seen how Krispy Kremes are made?

The Sweetest Doughnuts on the Menu

Krispy Kreme has wrapped up your favorite desserts in a doughy, circular shell. The Banana Pudding doughnut packs in the creamy texture of pudding and tops it all off with a light yellow icing and vanilla wafers. The Coconut Cake doughnut is, you guessed it, loaded with coconut flavor and topped with a decadent cream cheese icing and shredded coconut topping.

We’re most excited for the Mississippi Mud Pie doughnut, inspired by your favorite southern delicacy. It’s pumped full of Chocolate Pie Kreme, dunked in smooth, chocolate icing and finished with cookie and graham cracker pieces and a sticky-sweet marshmallow drizzle. Could it get any sweeter than this?

Did you know Krispy Kreme is the best coffee shop brand? Sorry, Starbucks!

Try Them ASAP

Forewarning: these doughnuts are not permanent members of the Krispy Kreme menu. You’ll only have until June 24 to get a bite of Banana Pudding, Coconut Cake and Mississippi Mud Pie. If you’re headed to Krispy Kreme in the morning (or for a sweet afternoon treat), don’t miss out on a dozen of these dessert-inspired doughnuts.

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