Krispy Kreme Is Now Making Kreme-Filled Glazed Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme's Original Filled, Original Kreme Doughnut is on the menu—permanently.

No one does doughnuts quite like Krispy Kreme. Who didn’t fall in love with their dessert doughnuts and adorable fruit-shaped doughnuts? But if you’re looking for something a little more classic (yet still sweet), Krispy Kreme has the ideal doughnut for you.

Krispy Kreme’s Original Filled Doughnuts are just what your mornings were missing. And they’re a permanent menu item.

This Kreme-Filled Doughnut Is Different

Doughnut enthusiasts are likely familiar with the classic, round filled doughnut, but Krispy Kreme kicked it up a notch by packing those delicious glazed doughnuts with kreme filling. To show the difference between Krispy Kreme Original Filled Doughnuts and their classic siblings, look for thin lines of chocolate or vanilla frosting on top to indicate the flavor inside.

Initially, the Original Filled Doughnuts made their debut in celebration of Apollo 11’s 50th birthday, but Krispy Kreme lovers were so taken with them, they were made a permanent menu item. Thanks, Krispy Kreme!

Watch how the classic doughnuts are made at Krispy Kreme.

Where to Find Them

These doughnuts don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so you’ve got plenty of time to pick up a fresh batch at your local Krispy Kreme. While we loved the limited-edition flavors, like he creamy and delicious Reese’s Doughnuts, this filled doughnut is what we need on our breakfast menu every morning.

If you’re craving a dozen right now, you can always order Krispy Kreme for delivery and have all that goodness dropped off at your door. Make sure you tack on a coffee, too, because nothing goes better with Original Filled Doughnuts than a fresh brew.

No Krispy Kreme near you? Make your own doughnuts at home!

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