Krispy Kreme JUST Revealed Its Lineup of Christmas Doughnuts

It's the most wonderful time of the year at Krispy Kreme!

It’s possible to tell the season through the special doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. Not long ago, the chain revealed this pumpkin spice doughnut collection for fall. What’s next? The holiday season, of course, and all of the peppermint, gingerbread and festive red and green sprinkles you can handle!

Now, Krispy Kreme has introduced a collection of Christmas doughnuts for everyone who’s been nice this year.

What’s in the Holiday Collection?

First up is the Santa Belly, a filled doughnut with a chocolate kreme center that’s decorated to resemble Santa’s suit, complete with a hand-piped belt and buttons, highlighted with a dusting of sparkling sugar.

The second doughnut is made to look like a Christmas present, so it’s square rather than round. This edible gift is iced in bright green and decorated with red ribbons, plus a sugar candy piece that resembles a gift tag. It’s filled with sugar cookie kreme. Nice!

Last but not least is the Christmas tree. This doughnut has a white cream cheese glaze piped with a green tree, including lights and a star topper. Inside, the doughnut hides a red velvet cake batter filling.

How Long Will the Christmas Doughnuts Be at Krispy Kreme?

You’ll have nearly a full month to enjoy this new holiday collection because the promo ends on Christmas Eve. That means you have plenty of time for repeat visits between now and the Big Day. And if you can wait until December 16, you’ll be in for a real treat—gingerbread glazed doughnuts!

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