Kraft Just Revealed This Pink Mac & Cheese for Valentine’s Day

Who needs chocolates or roses when you can have pink mac and cheese? Here's how to get a box.

We love Valentine’s Day because it’s one of the sweetest seasons. Every year, we look forward to all of the classic heart-shaped goodies and pretty pink treats, as well as the slew of new products like Hostess Dark Raspberry Cupcakes and Valentine’s Funfetti Cake Mix.

This year already promises to be a little different, though. Earlier this week, Kraft announced a limited-edition Candy Mac & Cheese for Valentine’s Day. Seriously. OK, we really didn’t expect pink candy macaroni and cheese, but we’ll take it!

Does It Really Taste Like Candy?

Yes! At least that’s what Kraft is advertising. We have yet to taste test this limited-edition product, so for all we know the packet of flavoring powder contains crushed-up red hots. But what gives us pause is that this macaroni and cheese isn’t being presented a dessert, but as a candy-flavored magenta version of the cheesy classic. Color us intrigued.

If you’re the type who worries about artificial dyes and flavors, rest assured that the bright pink hue is achieved by using beet and carrot concentrates. If you want to skip the store-bought food coloring, try these natural food dyes instead.

How Do I Get My Hands on a Box?

It doesn’t look like this limited-edition treat will be sold next to the usual mac and cheese. If you want a box, you’ll have to head to on February 8, between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. CST, to enter a contest. This was the same process offered to score Kraft’s other foray into unusual seasonal flavors—the brand actually launched a pumpkin spice mac and cheese version last fall.

Only a lucky 1,000 will win a box of pink mac in time for Valentine’s Day. Good luck!

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