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Kohl’s Might Just Become Your New Favorite Grocery Store

This department store is about to become a one-stop shop. Here's everything you need to know.

Photo: Shutterstock / Jonathan Weiss

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop by Kohl’s to pick up new shoes or lipgloss, then swing past the grocery department for eggs and deli meat, moments later?

It’s not a dream: You’ll soon be able to find groceries at Kohl’s. It’s a fun, fascinating trend big-box stores are embracing to help make the shopping experience even more valuable to busy people like us. Psst! Here are 10 tricks to grocery shopping like a boss.


Where Will the Food Fit?

So, what gives with Kohl’s opening its arms to the grocery business? It’s all about the space. Once a big maze of clothing racks and shelving units, Kohl’s has been concentrating on efficiency lately, trying to do more with less. It worked! But now the company has a whole lot of stores with extra space (that still needs to be heated and cleaned—ugh).

The company came up with a pretty brilliant solution: Buddy up with a partner in the grocery business. They would lease the extra space, just like that bank or Starbuck’s inside your current grocery store, except this time it’s a grocery store inside your Kohl’s! The brand is currently gathering a list of retail partners and will announce new developments at their March 1 earnings call.


What’s Next?

Kohl’s has currently identified around 300 different stores that are ripe for adding leased space. Now, not all these spaces are guaranteed to get grocery brands, but Kohl’s is definitely pinpointing food sales as a major goal. The leadership is being pretty tight-lipped about just what partners are signing up, but one possible bet is Amazon’s Whole Foods, with whom Kohl’s has been chummy in the past.

So, next time you’re at Kohl’s, look for wide-open spaces inside the store. It could mean exciting things are coming, and before long you could be able to turn two shopping stops into one!

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