Klondike Is Discontinuing the Choco Taco, and We’re Heartbroken

This beloved ice cream staple is officially gone for good.

When you hear a familiar jingle coming down the street, it’s time to run outside and flag down the ice cream truck. Once there, the options seem endless. You could go with a classic, like a Malt Cup or a Chipwich. There are colorful creations—like the Firecracker, a Push Pop or the Spongebob Bar. And then, there’s the chocolate goodness—Chocolate Eclairs, Drumsticks and of course, the Choco Taco. But while it’s always been considered an ice cream truck staple, the Choco Taco was recently discontinued for good.

Originally launched in 1984, this treat—made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate swirls stuffed in a sugary waffle shell, dipped in nutty chocolate coating—has been a summer staple for ice cream trucks around the nation. Yet now, a recent announcement has confirmed our fears: the Choco Taco will be no more.

Why Is Klondike Discontinuing the Choco Taco?

According to Klondike, the producers of the beloved ice cream treat, Choco Tacos are being discontinued for the foreseeable future. Although the Choco Taco was briefly back on the market in 2020, Klondike representatives say that due to the “spike in demand across our portfolio” in the past two years, they had to make the decision to discontinue it in order to make room for other products.

Customers are mourning the end of the Choco Taco over on Twitter, some even offering to buy the rights so future generations will know about this chocolaty goodness. Ice cream truck drivers even held a memorial service for the nostalgic ice cream staple.

Can I Still Get One?

Yes, but only while supplies last! Klondike’s decision to no longer produce the Choco Taco doesn’t mean they are officially off the shelves right now. Some may even be at your grocery store today! So if you’re craving a Choco Taco and see an ice cream truck that still has it, or your local store still sells them in their signature 1-count and 4-count boxes, snag one while you can.

But don’t fret—if you weren’t able to get your hands on a Choco Taco, you can always make your own version with our ice cream tacos recipe.