If You See a Kitchen Sink with Two Faucets, This Is What the Extra Tap Is For

I'd like a sink with two faucets now, too.

The average family turns on the tap about 40 times per day! That means when you’re in the kitchen at home, you become best friends with your sink real quick. But that’s not the case when you’re moving into a new place or staying at an Airbnb with a luxurious kitchen.

Have you ever seen a sink with two faucets? Here’s what that second faucet is for.

Why Do You Need a Sink with Two Faucets?

While most of us probably have a kitchen sink with one faucet, it’s not that out of the ordinary to have a sink with two faucets. The main faucet works like normal—you can turn it on for both cold and hot water. But what’s the deal with the second one?

There are at least two possible uses for a second faucet:

Instant Hot Water

The extra smaller faucet may be an instant hot water tap. Look for a tank under your second faucet with a cord into an outlet or junction box that helps keep the water hot. You don’t have to wait for the hot water to travel all the way from the water heater to your sink. Pretty neat!

Filtered Drinking Water

In an age where we’re constantly trying to cut down on plastic waste, having filtered water can be a blessing. You can use products like filtered pitchers, water bottles and specialized fridges to help clean your water. But, if you have a second faucet, you might not need to worry about that other stuff at all.

If there’s a separate tank under your second faucet with a filter insert, you’ve got filtered water built into your kitchen. There are even some faucets that can spout sparkling water.

Whatever your second faucet is used for, it’s a pretty cool thing to have. Just remember to regularly change your filter, alright? And don’t forget to read up on that why you have a small cylinder next to your faucet.

Melany Love
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