We Tried Kit Kat Churro, and It’s Everything You Dreamed Of

Subtle but sweet with just the right amount of cinnamon... this Kit Kat is a winner.

Kit Kats are, and will always be, our favorite chocolate-wafer candy bar. There’s just no other competition. Break me off a piece of that, am I right? But let’s talk about the other reason we love Kit Kats so much—the flavor inventory. There are over 300 flavors in the entire world with Japan housing all of them (including odd Kit Kat inventions like rum raisin).

We’re always watching like a hawk for Kit Kat’s newest drops, and we’ve got the inside scoop on their latest cinnamon-saturated concoction: the Kit Kat Churro. Creamy and dreamy, this might be our new favorite flavor.

What’s in Kit Kat Churro?

According to Kit Kat themselves, this sweet new flavor consists of a buttery and churro-flavored creme with plenty of sugar folded over and in between Kit Kat’s famous crispy wafers. Is it possible for the soft, doughy consistency of a churro to be smashed into the tiny Kit Kat stature? We think so.

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Here’s What I Thought

The initial flavor is a subtle cinnamon that blossoms from a white-chocolatey, vanilla chocolate casing. I could smell the cinnamon before I even took my first bite, and I knew I was already in love. It’s not so strong that someone who doesn’t like cinnamon would be so opposed. It’s more of a blossoming evolution of flavor.

Churros are bready and encased in sugar and cinnamon, and I could see how some avid churro lovers may find the flavor level below expectations. However, I have to say it feels like a wonderful marriage. I even got hints of horchata in there initially, another favorite of mine. The cinnamon is present but doesn’t ruin the experience. The only component I felt was missing was the buttery creme, but that didn’t stop me from eating the whole bar with a grin on my face.

This would be an incredible flavor to make a Kit Kat cake out of.

Where Can I Get It?

This limited edition flavor officially drops on June 6, just in time for National Churro Day. Coincidence? Of course not! As soon as the long-awaited day arrives, check your local retailers for this surprising new flavor. We want everyone to try this new flavor before it sells out. We’ll be churroing you on!

Melany Love
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