Kit Kat Released a Birthday Cake Flavor, and We’re Ready to Party

Break us off a piece of those birthday cake Kit Kats!

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We don’t know about you, but limited-edition Kit Kat flavors are our weakness. With recent innovations like Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Kit Kat and 2021’s Gingerbread Kit Kats, there’s definitely a flavor for every season (and reason!) Of course, there’s also the wild and wonderfully unique Kit Kats the candy brand comes up with on the regular, all of which are on our bucket list. But Kit Kat definitely bested themselves with this celebratory flavor: Birthday Cake KitKats.

That’s right: After much speculation, Kit Kat released Birthday Cake-flavored bars—that’s white chocolate creme with sprinkles—and they make every day taste like your birthday.

birthday cake kit kat package in front of a beautiful birthday cake decorated with some birthday cake kit kat bars; on aqua backgroundCourtesy Kit Kat

Birthday Cake Kit Kats Are Something Special

When creating a new flavor, Justin Kukura, Senior Manager of Chocolate Product Development at Hershey, explained that “you’re designing a complete experience.”

For this flavor, he explained that he and his team considered a lot of elements: “It’s cake, icing, color, visuals, aroma.” And sprinkles, of course. “Sprinkles were the most exciting element,” according to Justin. Birthday Cake Kit Kats are a first-of-their-kind innovation for the brand, mainly because they’re the first Kit Kat bar to contain inclusions (the food science word for mix-ins).

What Do Birthday Cake Kit Kats Taste Like?

Do these Kit Kats live up to that experience that Justin described? Absolutely. Just one bite into this Kit Kat and you’ll instantly be transported back to childhood. The white chocolate-covered crispy wafers incorporate flavors of sweet vanilla cake batter, rich confetti frosting and, of course, adorable rainbow sprinkles that add extra crunch and color.

Where Can I Find ‘Em?

While Birthday Cake Kit Kats initially hit shelves in April 2020, they disappeared as soon as they arrived in retail stores. While we’re keeping our fingers crossed for their return, they’re not gone for good! You can still snag a 4-pack for $18 on Amazon. It’s definitely a bit pricy, but a pretty great deal for something so sweet.

And hey, if you don’t want to shell out on these for your birthday, you can always learn to make your very own Kit Kat birthday cake.

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