You Can Call This Hotel’s ‘Champagne Emergency Line’ for Bubbly Whenever You Want It

Excuse me, I need to make a call.

The first thing I want to know when staying in a hotel is: What’s the room service like? Sure, I’ll go grab ice from the hotel’s ice machine, but I want to relax in my room while they deliver my dinner. Is that too much to ask?

Well, the Kimpton Harper Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas took room service one step further. It added an emergency champagne line to every room.

Why Does This Hotel Have a Champagne Hotline?

To celebrate its first anniversary, the Kimpton Harper decided to add a champagne hotline to every room. Is this possibly the greatest innovation known to man? Only time will tell.

Earlier this year, the Kimpton Harper partnered with Veuve Clicquot to create this experience. It’s a touch that will make each stay extra classy. Now if only the hotel would deliver an entire continental breakfast buffet.

How Does It Work?

Each room has its own retro rotary phone for your bubbly needs. Simply press a button and request a bottle whenever you feel like it. Yes, it’s that simple. And yes, we’re totally obsessed.

The Kimpton Harper has been celebrating its anniversary with different offers through June and July, but this has to be its greatest accomplishment to date. And while it was created to celebrate its first anniversary, the champagne hotline will stay as a permanent amenity for all future guests. Hallelujah! Right now, Clicquot is the only champagne partner, but guests can expect different brands throughout the rest of the year.

This feature isn’t the only reason to spend a night or two at the Kimpton Harper in Fort Worth. It’s located in a gorgeous building from 1921 and has all kinds of historical charm. That’s not to say it’s rustic, though—the hotel is packed with luxuries and definitely worth a visit if you’re headed to Texas. We know you won’t regret it.

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