KFC Just Dropped Chicken & Donuts and It’s All We’ve Ever Wanted in a Combo Meal

This is a BEAUTIFUL breakfast.

If you can’t get enough of sweet-and-salty combos, KFC is calling your name with its Chicken & Donuts. This delight is already being advertised on TV, and we’re so ready for it to come to a KFC near us.

What Is This Masterpiece?

This unlikely duo is pretty much what it sounds like: a crispy KFC chicken breast you know and love, sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts. You might’ve pictured one doughnut sliced in two, but KFC is not skimping here. It’s a morning pick-me-up like nothing you’ve seen before. (Chicken & Donuts will also be available as a side-by-side combo, but what’s the fun in that?)

Starting February 24, KFC will be offering Chicken & Donuts for a limited time at all participating locations!

Do Chicken and Doughnuts Really Go Together?

YES. We all love the legendary combo of chicken and waffles, and it’s not a wild leap to replace the waffles with another breakfast star: doughnuts.

While chicken and doughnuts might seem unusual on the surface, many sweet-and-savory flavor combinations work in spite of the clashing flavors. Think sweet-and-sour pork or even good old-fashioned salty-sweet kettle corn.

By the way, you have McGriddles to thank for paving the way for fast food all-in-one breakfast sandwiches. Who could say no to pancakes, bacon, syrup and eggs in a hand-held meal? Here’s to Chicken & Donuts becoming a new classic!

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