NEW Key Lime Pie M&M’s Are Coming This Easter—Here’s Where to Find Them

You'll be green with envy once you get a peek at these new Key Lime Pie M&M's.

Remember a time when you only had two choices when it came to M&M’s: plain or peanut? Things might have been a lot simpler in the past, but frankly, it was also pretty boring. Now, we have practically too many varieties to choose from—there’s Fudge Brownie M&M’s, English Toffee peanut M&M’s and even Hazelnut Spread M&M’s—and the list keeps growing.

One of the newest flavors is Key Lime Pie M&M’s, which is a nice surprise since it breaks out of the milk chocolate mold, just like the Sugar Cookie M&M’s coming this way for Christmas. Stay tuned for the key lime pie candies to hit the shelves next Easter. We already have a little extra spring in our step just thinking about them!

These M&M’s Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

Based on the photo shared by Instagram account @CandyHunting, these M&M’s bring together the flavor of white chocolate and sweet and tangy key lime in candy shells that are the prettiest pastel shades of mossy green, pale seafoam and cool ivory. Ms. Green is featured on the package in an appropriate shade of lime green, wearing a sun hat and holding up a slice of key lime pie on a plate.

While we can’t attest to the taste of these guys just yet, we have no doubt M&M’s have properly captured the combination of chocolate and key lime pie. (And you know how much we love key lime pie…)

Where and When to Find Them?

These new M&M’s have shown up on the Meijer website, where it’s indicated this is an Easter candy. That makes us think that they will start showing up in stores across the country ahead of the holiday, so probably sometime in March—or even sooner. Keep your eyes peeled next spring!

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