Key Lime Pie Kit Kats Will Hit Stores Soon—Here’s When to Look for Them

Will this be the first new Kit Kat flavor of 2021?

Kit Kats are one of the most popular candy bars worldwide. The famous chocolate-covered wafers have been made in a variety of dessert-inspired flavors in 2019 and 2020 alone, including pumpkin pie, birthday cake, Biscoff, a mocha + chocolate duo, cotton candy and so many more.

Now, Kit Kat is welcoming a new member to its family: Key lime pie!

Yup. Key Lime Pie Kit Kats will hit stores sooner than we can say, “Key lime,” and we can’t WAIT to get our hands on them.

P.S. This is what makes Key limes different from regular limes.

What Will Key Lime Kit Kats Taste Like?

The new Kit Kats will include the iconic crisp wafers coated in a key lime pie-flavored creme. We’re imagining the wafers will have a similar flavor as the graham cracker crust on a real pie. Yum!

Instagram user @candyfunhouse shared a sneak peek of the bright lime green packaging:

When Can I Buy Key Lime Pie Kit Kats?

Reports say that the limited edition Key Lime Pie Kit Kats will arrive in major retailer stores in April 2021, just in time for spring. We plan to be first in line to sample them!

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