‘Keurig For Plants’ Runs Your Countertop Garden, No Skill Required

The future of indoor farming may already be here, in the form of a growing system that uses a Keurig-like system to grow your produce for you.

Created by aspara, this hydroponic Smart Indoor Garden will take a seed pod and take it through the entire growth process. It uses sensors to gauge the levels of water, oxygen and nutrients in the plants, and knows how to regulate them to keep the plant going until it’s ready to be harvested. LED lights help to enhance and accelerate the growing process, yielding a 50% faster timeline.

The hydroponic system has a cyclic process of water and nutrients coursing through it to ensure all of the plants get the nutrients they need. As a result, you barely have to lift a finger during the growing time, as the indoor garden will take care of it for you. It’ll alert you via a smartphone app if something does need to be changed or replaced.

K-cups for plantsCourtesy of aspara

The Keurig pod-like capsules are designed to plug directly into the system, and guarantee a 100% germination rate, meaning the seeds will sprout to grow into produce. Aspera has produced over 15 types of pods so far, with several types of lettuce, tomato, arugula and herbs available to place into the system.

Keurig for plantsCourtesy of aspara

What’s most intriguing about aspara’s technology is how it could potentially revolutionize indoor farming. By making it ultra-convenient and self-regulating, it increases the opportunity for people to grow their own vegetables, which helps cut down on food waste from grocery shopping and promotes healthier lifestyles. In addition, the system uses 10% of the water typical farming methods consume, meaning it’s more sustainable and helps prevent overconsumption of natural resources.

It’ll be interesting to see just how popular this new indoor garden becomes because if it does become ubiquitous enough, it could become a piece of technology that’s instrumental in saving the planet.

aspara’s indoor garden is currently a project on Kickstarter. It has already been fully funded, but you can still fund the campaign in specific amounts to pre-order your own set for when the system launches. A pledge of $349 gets you the indoor garden, 16 seed capsules and access to the mobile app.

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