What Is Keto Cloud Bread?

No, it's not loaded with bacon—but it is keto-friendly! Find out what keto cloud bread is and if it's healthy.

When you commit to a high-fat, low-carb eating plan like the keto diet, bread isn’t exactly on the menu. Limiting your carbs to no more than 50 grams per day means there’s no room for that heavenly treat. Enter keto cloud bread.

Cloud bread can be bought in stores or made at home provides a chance for keto converts to have a sandwich again. Sounds great, but what exactly is it? And is it healthy for you? Find all our favorite keto comfort foods here!

What is keto cloud bread?

It’s no surprise that keto cloud bread is not bread at all. This high-protein bread alternative is made from eggs and full-fat dairy, then baked into a fluffy, bread-like cloud. It’s a chance for keto lovers to have their carbs and eat them too.

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How do you make keto cloud bread?

To make your own cloud bread, start by whipping egg whites into stiff peaks; this will give your cloud bread its light, airy texture. You can add in cream of tartar to achieve the right texture or simply keep whipping to get there. Then fold in egg yolks and a full-fat dairy product like yogurt or cottage cheese. Spoon the mixture into small circles on a rimmed baking sheet and bake until set. Once it cools, keto cloud bread has a light, chewy texture like bread.

Incorporate your own cloud bread into your weekly keto meal plan.

Is it healthy?

Carb-free bread sounds like what New Year’s resolution dreams are made of, but are the health benefits worth it? Cloud bread has half the calories of a slice of bread and has few to no carbs. However, it’s missing out on the nutrients and fiber found in whole-grain bread. Cloud bread is also high in saturated fat because it’s made from full-fat dairy products.

If you’re following a keto diet plan, cloud bread could be an occasional treat for those carb-craving moments. (Check out our keto-friendly food list for more ideas.) If you’re simply looking to cut carbs and clean up your diet, opt for low carb breads, or whole grain and sprouted grain breads for less fat and more nutrients.

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