Jose Cuervo Is Now Making a Boozy Strawberry Margarita Mix

It's made with Jose Cuervo tequila and ready to pour into your glass of choice. Just add sunshine (and maybe a pool)!

While I totally love spring and all its pastel prettiness, there’s nothing quite like a bright summer sun while relaxing poolside. Add in some bomb BBQ recipes and cold drinks, and suddenly there’s a party! Whether you’re a fan of splish-splashing in the water with friends and family or just relaxing on your favorite beach chair, summer’s got your back.

We know that time spent in the sunshine is precious, so having to stay inside to prep food and drinks is not always ideal. That’s why we absolutely love the new Jose Cuervo Strawberry Margaritas—no prep required!

What’s in the Margarita Mix?

For starters, there’s no need for mixing at all. Each 1.75 ml bottle is a blend of Jose Cuervo tequila, triple sec and strawberry flavor, so this  margarita is premixed and ready to pour. What could be better? All you really need to do is grab your favorite glass (like these adorable cactus-stemmed margarita glasses), dip the rim in salt and add a lime for good measure!

FYI, each serving is only 120 calories and still super delicious. Strawberry is one of my favorite margarita flavors, although I’ll never be upset with a classic lime margarita, either.

Where Can I Grab a Bottle?

Jose Cuervo Strawberry Margaritas have been showing up at most retailers that sell boozy beverages, including Sam’s Club. According to our research, you should be able to pick up a bottle for around $15.99. When you think about all the time you’ll be saving, and the extra time you’ll be able to spend outside instead, we think that’s a pretty decent price point.

Now, grab that strawberry margarita and a beach towel, and go enjoy the summer sun!

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