Jolly Rancher Is Now Selling an All-Peach Pack AND an All-Watermelon Pack

Jolly Ranchers are everyone's favorite hard candy—and now there's a reason to love them even more.

We know funky new Kit Kats and seasonal M&M’s get all the attention, but Jolly Ranchers are a classic. The hard candy with multiple fruity flavors has been an inspiration for a breakfast cereal, and a few years back the brand was even transformed into brightly colored Pop Tarts.

Now, Jolly Rancher has given fans what we really want. If your favorite Jolly Rancher flavor is peach or watermelon—get ready! Because there are new packs available that contain only contain peach or watermelon. It’s a sweet dream come true.

Here’s the Sweet News!

The bags of all-peach and all-watermelon Jolly Ranchers have been spied at Dollar General, so you’re guaranteed to get a sweet bang for your buck.

Instagram scouts, like @rednecksnackandfood and @tamisclock, were among the first to discover this candy. Each 7-ounce bag contains approximately 33 individually wrapped pieces. That’s a lot of fruity flavor to go around!

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You might remember peach-flavored Jolly Ranchers from the brand’s Bold Fruit Smoothie variety pack, but that’s been discontinued. So, this is the only chance for peach candy lovers to stock up.

Where to Find the New Jolly Ranchers

It’s not clear if these new flavors are exclusive to Dollar General, but if you need them in your life that’s the best bet. Meanwhile, they’ve also been spotted online at All City Candy. And if you really want to get your hands on a pile of watermelon Jolly Ranchers, sellers on Amazon have individually wrapped hard candy available by the pound.

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