Joanna Gaines’ Daughter Is Selling These Desserts All Summer

And they look DELICIOUS.

School’s out for summer, which means the kids are all about finding new activities to do. Some like to play outside, some like to play in the sand, some like to play games on the screen. However, some kids (like Joanna Gaines’ daughter Ella) are all about making a little bit of cash this summer. The lemonade stand is usually a classic way to make some dollar bills on a hot summer day (especially when using one of these lemonade recipes). But Ella decided to take it to the next level and sell some delicious sweet treats at Magnolia this summer: banana pudding and chocolate chip cookies.

What a cute idea!

In a recent Instagram post, Joanna Gaines snapped a photo of the cutest jars of banana pudding and cookies that her daughter was working on. Each dessert was perfectly placed inside a small Mason jar, which was paired with a wooden spoon. The larger jars were wrapped with a black and white twine, while the smaller jars had spoons perfectly taped on top.

These desserts look so good, I would definitely drop a few bucks to snack on one during the workday. Ella definitely has mom’s touch! Joanna Gaines even wrote that “she’s going to make a heck of a business woman” someday, also like her sweet mom and dad.

You can create something similar by dividing this banana pudding recipe to into individual jars or short glasses. To make it just like Joanna and Ella Gaines did, simply swap out the Nilla Wafers for any of our chocolate chip cookie recipes.

There’s a lot happening over at Magnolia!

With everything going on over at Magnolia (a new Magnolia Table restaurant, Joanna Gaines’ new cookbook, even a fifth baby on the way), it only makes sense that the Gaines kids have picked up a few tricks of the trade from their parents. Joanna wrote that she and Ella stayed up late getting these desserts ready to sell at her work the next day, which shows that the Gaines kids understand that hard work does pay off.

Thinking about doing something similar with your kids this summer? Upgrade the lemonade stand with some homemade treats! Give these simple recipes a try.

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