Joanna Gaines Shared Her Most Cherished Christmas Traditions in Magnolia Journal

Joanna Gaines has simple but sweet ways to celebrate the holidays.

You watch Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper, read about her family on her personal blog and copy her farmhouse chic decorating style. But do you know how Jo celebrates the holidays?

She recently shared her most-loved Christmas traditions in her magazine, Magnolia Journal. Here’s a peek at what Joanna does during the holidays.

She Reflects on Memories

Instead of a tree decorated with matching ornaments or curated pieces, the Gaines family opts for incorporating memories into their Christmas centerpiece. Just take a look at the Gaines family Christmas tree.

In her essay in Magnolia Journal, Joanna mentions that there are special ornaments commemorating things like first Christmases and lost teeth. She also has handmade ornaments from her children on the tree, “…while the Popsicle-stick picture frames have cracked over the years, and the photos within them have faded—it only makes me love them all the more,” she says.

She Keeps It Simple

Joanna took to Instagram to explain more sentimental thoughts about how she decks her Christmas tree: “Every one of these colorful ornaments have a story to tell and a memory I hold dear.”

She also uses the Insta post to describe taking things slow and simple during the holiday season. Jo prefers to put her cell phone away and love people “the old fashioned way.” How cute is that?

Psst… Chip and Joanna also like to keep things simple in the kitchen. Here are cooking shortcuts the Gaines family uses.

She Avoids Trends

Just like her classic and comfortable style, Joanna doesn’t go for anything too flashy when cooking or decorating.

On Instagram, she showed that she makes Christmas treats so easy, even kids can help! But that’s not the only way Joanna likes to keep it classic in the kitchen for the holiday season. (P.S. Her homemade biscuits are so simple, too.)

“It’s rare for me to get excited about a new holiday recipe or trendy ideas for decorating the tree,” Gaines says. “I’m not looking for ways to reinvent this season. Instead, all I want is to gather the same ingredients for the same beloved cinnamon rolls that I’ve baked on Christmas morning for as long as I can remember.”

You can cook like Chip and Joanna at your holiday get-together. Just use recipes inspired by the family’s restaurant, Magnolia Table.

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