Joanna Gaines LOVES to Celebrate Her Birthday with This Treat!

It sounds SO good, now we want some!

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Joanna Gaines is certainly a lover of food, and we couldn’t help but notice that her taste buds match ours. Especially after seeing her latest Instagram post, where she showed us what she was devouring on her 40th birthday (April 19th, in case you’re wondering). The answer? Doughnuts. Not just one, but a whole big plate of them.

This is 40. And I like it… #pregnantandforty #anddoughnuts

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In her birthday photo, Joanna is taking a nice, delicious bite of a doughnut while balancing a cup of coffee on her pregnant belly—she and husband Chip are currently expecting their fifth child. Doughnuts aren’t the only thing Joanna loves to eat with a baby on the way. She has six other foods she absolutely craves during pregnancy, some even from new cookbook, Magnolia Table.

Joanna is a huge fan of cooking

Even though Joanna Gaines (and Chip) are well known for their television show Fixer Upper, they have become quite popular in the foodie world as well. They recently opened a restaurant in Waco, Texas, called Magnolia Table, where they serve some pretty delicious sounding dishes. Those biscuits with strawberry butter alone are making us want to road trip down to the Lone Star State.

When Joanna isn’t devouring doughnuts, running a restaurant, or overseeing the empire that is Magnolia down in Waco, she’s creating new recipes and cooking for friends and family. She has six valuable lessons that she follows when it comes to cooking, and her recent cookbook is a testament to that.

Joanna’s pure joy of eating a doughnut is causing some cravings on our end, so maybe we’ll make some. Here’s how to make doughnuts if you want to join us!

Homemade Doughnut Recipes We Love
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