Jelly Belly Just Released a New Line of Krispy Kreme-Flavored Candy

Somebody hold us back. The ultimate sweet-tooth partnership has arrived.

Box of jelly beans mocked up to look like a Krispy Kreme box

When two iconic brands collide, it can be either a hit or a miss. But when candy empire Jelly Belly teamed up with doughnut company Krispy Kreme to release a new line of sweet, sweet doughnut-y flavors, it was certainly a hole-in-one. (Doughnut hole, that is!) The Krispy Kreme-flavored candies hit stores in early September, and sweet tooths everywhere rejoiced. Psst! You can get your paws on them right now.

So, What Do They Taste Like?

In each pack, you won’t have to worry about avoiding flavor duds like black licorice or root beer. Each Krispy Kreme collection comes with a variety of classic doughnut flavors:

  • Cinnamon Apple Filled
  • Strawberry Iced
  • Original Glazed
  • Glazed Blueberry Cake
  • Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles

The pink, caramel-colored and dark brown candies are packaged in what appears to be a Krispy Kreme doughnut box or bag. (No paper hat included!) Though you won’t find the sticky, sugary glaze of the Krispy Kreme original treat, Twitter fans have raved about how spot-on the flavors are.

Those Krispy Kreme jelly beans are delicious. Now I want donuts!

— Hugh MH Dancy-Evans (@FakingDancy)

September 9, 2017

Looks as if it’s time to bring doughnuts—or donuts, however you want to spell it!—into the office.

Jelly Belly had a hunch that the product would be a success. Earlier this year, the company presented its product at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. The doughnut-flavored line took home the award for Most Innovative New Product in the Non-Chocolate, Chewy category. Competition included companies like Haribo (which has been known to create some odd products of its own). Boy, would we love to have been there to cast our vote!

A History of Flavor

This isn’t the first time that Jelly Belly has introduced a wacky flavor partnership. In 2014 the company teamed with Tabasco hot sauce to release a mix loaded with fiery flavors. A few years prior to that, the company dug into the Harry Potter craze and launched a product that was mentioned in the book series: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, which included oddball flavors like grass, spinach, sardine and earwax. Eurgh!

We’ve taken a particular liking to this doughnut homage. But as any true Krispy Kreme-fan knows, the doughnuts taste best when microwaved. I wonder if the jellybeans follow suit?

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