Jell-O’s New Edible Slime Is Fun to Play With—and Eat!

Jell-O makes Unicorn Slime and Monster Slime—and both flavors look like gloopy, gloppy fun!

Jell-O has always been a “fun” food. Like us, you’ve probably made dozens of Jigglers, all sorts of retro Jell-O “salads” and even a batch of colorful punch. But now the makers of this wiggly wonder-food have upped the fun-game even further with the introduction of edible Jell-O slime!

It’s Real Slime—Only Edible

The slime craze has taken our kids by storm for the last two years, and if we’re being honest, we like it, too. Seriously, who could whip up a batch for the kids and not want to dip their hands in? But as enticing as slime might appear in all its gooey glory, it’s never been something you’d want to eat… until now!

Where to Buy the Jell-O Slime

You can find the new Unicorn Slime and Monster Slime on Amazon. You won’t be surprised to hear that Unicorn is strawberry flavored; Monster is lime-flavored. Just like regular Jell-O gelatin, the edible slime comes in powdered form. Just add warm water, stir and in 30 seconds you’ve got a big batch of goo. (Each 14.8 ounce canister makes two batches.)

Note for parents: Jell-O slime isn’t the brand’s first toy. You can also buy themed “Build + Eat” kits that come with molds to make building blocks out of Jell-O.

Why We Love It

Let’s face it, slime is a phenomenon among kids, and some research even claims that playing with slime makes you feel happy and relaxed. Since you make it with your kids, it’s an opportunity for bonding. Plus, it’s edible, which makes it a DIY snack and toy all in one!

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