Jack Daniel’s Just Dropped a NEW Line of Canned Cocktails—Including a Whiskey Seltzer

This is so perfect for summer. Just toss 'em into a cooler!

It seems like 2020 is the summer of premade cocktails have been having their moment. Malibu and Absolut both launched brand-new canned cocktails earlier this year, and Jack Daniel’s dropped this bottled Southern peach cocktail.

Much to our surprise, Jack Daniel’s is back with another line of cocktails. We’re not complaining! We think premade cocktails are perfect for summer because you don’t have to worry about any bottles or glasses breaking outdoors. Just toss them into a cooler like this and you’re good to go.

What’s in the Jack Daniel’s Cocktail Lineup?

You can pick from not one but three flavors of Jack Daniel’s canned cocktails. To start, there’s a classic whiskey and cola, plus a fruity whiskey, honey and lemonade cocktail that will appeal to anyone who likes a touch of sweetness. Both cocktails have a 7% ABV.

There’s also a whiskey and seltzer that offers something for those looking for a lighter drink. It contains zero carbs and clocks in at only 97 calories per can! We like that all three options are made with real Jack Daniel’s whiskey, rather than whiskey flavor. Plus, they’re perfectly mixed. This is exactly the kind of thing we’d take camping or to the lake, along with some salty snack mix.

Where Can I Find Jack Daniel’s Canned Cocktails?

The drinks retail for around $13 for a four-pack and $4 for an individual can. Right now, the Jack Daniel’s lineup is available in 16 states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Hampshire, Nevada, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

You can find four-packs of the whiskey and cola, whiskey and lemonade and whiskey and seltzer on Drizly for delivery in some areas, too. We hope they’ll be available across the country soon! In the meantime, you might want to get acquainted with Jack Daniel’s Black Jack Cola.

Krista Garcia
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