This Is Ina Garten’s Favorite Rosé—Here’s Why You Need to Try It Yourself

Ina Garten's favorite rosé is a stunning wine we're certain you'll love.

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Love Ina Garten? Same here! She’s one of our go-to gurus for cooking tips and recipes, but the Barefoot Contessa also has a great taste in vino. Ina Garten’s favorite rose wine is one we’re sure you’ll love.

In an interview with Bon Appetit, the Barefoot Contessa name-checked her favorite wine: Robert Sinskey Vineyards Vin Gris, which she’s partial to when the weather gets warmer. And she’s right—this rosé is marvelous come spring and summer, but it’s such a wonderful wine, don’t hesitate to sip this one through fall and winter, too.

Robert Sinskey Vineyards Vin Gris: Our Tasting Notes

Sinskey Vineyards vin gris is a stunning rosé based on pinot noir. It features sophisticated notes of wild strawberry, citrus, apricot, blood orange and peach, as well as intense floral aromas of roses, jasmine, and orange blossom. On the palate, this rosé is delightfully fresh and boasts a long mineral-driven finish. It’s tasty. It’s expressive. It’s organic.

In short, it’s an outstanding rosé, full of fresh acidity which makes it perfect for all sorts of dishes. Of course Ina has good taste!

What to Pair with Vin Gris

There isn’t much that won’t pair with the Sinskey rosé. You might pour a glass with Ina’s fig and goat cheese toasts or sip it with roast chicken, a pan-seared salmon or your favorite vegetables. (Learn more about effortless food and drink pairing.) Of course, this rosé is just as good enjoyed on its own. Serve it lightly chilled.

It’s true rosé season may technically start in spring, but Sinskey’s Vin Gris is such a gorgeous wine that this is one we’d recommend for all seasons. And if you’re looking for cheaper rosé, these best rosé wine options under $15 will do the trick.

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