This Simple Trick from Ina Garten Will Keep Your Turkey from Drying Out

All you need is extra gravy for Ina's latest turkey hack.

We’ve been cooking turkey for a long, long time. It’s a big bird with a lot of meat and tons of servings—one turkey basically covers the entire family and more! But getting the temperature and texture just right can be a total pain. How are you supposed to keep a turkey that big both juicy and delicious for so long? The thought itself is stressful enough. We just want to enjoy time with our families, that’s all.

Well, we’re here to give you a Thanksgiving turkey tip you won’t soon forget. This Ina Garten turkey hack will keep your turkey juicy and ready to go all day long.

How to Keep Turkey Juicy, According to Ina

Ina Garten always has all the tips and tricks in the book. Talk about the total package! Now she’s here to help us with Thanksgiving, and we are eternally grateful.

It’s very simple—as usual, Ina recommends cooking as much as possible beforehand. Doing so cuts down on day-of stress and gives you the time to fix anything that might need fixing. With this method, you can cook your perfectly seasoned turkey ahead of time and have it still be wonderfully juicy come dinner!

Here’s what you’ll do. Once your turkey is cooked, you’ll slice it into pieces as best you can. Using an oven-safe platter or baking sheet, you’ll line the bottom with a “puddle” of gravy, as Ina says. Place your turkey slices on top of the gravy to keep them nice and moist. Once you’re ready to serve, simply reheat the turkey slices in the oven at 245°F.

She’s about to make our juiciest turkey ever even juicier.

Other Ways to Keep Turkey Juicy

Reheating turkey can affect its moisture level. You can also keep turkey juicy by:

  • Cooking the legs longer than the breast
  • Soaking your turkey in brining liquid
  • Covering your turkey with foil
  • Resting the turkey for a few hours

Happy Thanksgiving!

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