Ina Garten JUST Shared Her Recipe for Crab Nachos

Just a bite of these decadent crab nachos—and you'll never go back to ordinary ground beef.

Kitchen queen Ina Garten has been cooking her way into our hearts since The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook made its debut over two decades ago. We’ve taken her cooking tips to heart, she’s wowed us with her famous chocolate cake recipe and now she’s back with a brand-new book, Modern Comfort Food.

Lucky for us, Ina just dropped a recipe that epitomizes what modern comfort food is—and right in time for Super Bowl season. Get ready for fresh crab nachos. That’s right, crab!

See the foods Ina loves to cook—and eat.

How to Make Ina’s Crab Nachos

Fresh crab might seem like an intimidating ingredient to work with, but the recipe is easy. In fact, Ina categorizes it as “beginner.” If you’ve mastered the art of nachos, i.e. combining meat, cheese and chiles on top of tortilla chips, you have all the knowledge you need.

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The gist is that you fold the crab meat into a creamy base of sour cream, cream cheese and mayonnaise, then perk it up with lime juice and chiles. You spoon dollops of this indulgent mixture over a bed of sturdy corn chips arranged on a sheet pan. The whole thing is then topped with shredded cheddar and Monterey jack and baked in the oven. The final touch is a salsa-ish garnish of diced fresh jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, ripe avocados and cilantro. Chef’s kiss!

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She’s Got a Secret Hack

While shredded crabmeat is more economical, the Barefoot Contessa herself recommends splurging and using jumbo lump crabmeat instead. That way you can really taste the crab, instead of it getting lost in all the ingredients.

If you happen to be blessed with extra crabmeat, you’ll want to dig into our collection of crab recipes that include classic crab cakes, creamy soups and decadent dips.

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