Ina Garten’s Hack for Serving Cake Will Instantly Wow Your Guests

The Barefoot Contessa is at it again with a brilliant trick for picture-perfect dessert!

You don’t have to work at a restaurant to serve restaurant-quality dessert at your next dinner party. All it takes is a little trick from our favorite Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, to wow your guests with a dessert that they will never forget.

When she’s not serving up giant Cosmopolitan cocktails or cooking up delicious meals—like her classic meatloaf or overnight mac and cheese—Ina Garten is a whiz at making delicious desserts. While her old-fashioned apple crisp and her icebox cake will surely be a hit with your guests, her latest tip for serving a slice of cake is so clever—and tasty!—that you will certainly wow the crowd at your next dinner party.

How to Serve a Slice of Cake Like Ina

Ready for her brilliant trick? All it takes is a slice of cake, some fresh berries and a jar of your favorite fruit jam.

Instead of just serving up a slice of cake to your guests, plate it like a chef at a restaurant! Smear some fruit jam on the bottom of the plate before placing down your slice, then garnish the cake on the side with some fresh berries.

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In her latest Instagram reel, Ina Garten shows how she does this with her favorite Coconut Cake, made with layers of fluffy sponge cake, cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut on top.

She then takes a jar of homemade raspberry sauce (you could also use raspberry jam) and smears a spoonful on the bottom of a clean dessert plate. She then places a slice of cake sponge-side down (instead of placing the slice upright on the plate) and sprinkles some fresh raspberries on the side—while snacking on a few herself, of course.

So why is this trick so brilliant? Because it’s incredibly versatile! If you’re not a fan of raspberry, you could use any kind of fruit sauce or jam to your liking. Strawberry? Peach? Blueberry? It all works—and your dessert looks like it came from your favorite five-star restaurant.

While the Coconut Cake is a classic that Ina Garten loves to serve, if you’re more of a chocolate person, this trick would also look (and taste!) delicious with a slice of her Famous Chocolate Cake recipe.

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