In-N-Out Burger Just Took a BIG Step Toward Opening in This New State

Thanks to its limited number of locations, the beloved burger joint has developed a cult-like following. But soon, the elusive In-N-Out Burger will be little bit easier to find.

Since its California debut in 1948, In-N-Out has been showing the West Coast what a hamburger is all about. The chain is known for its pristine establishments, fresh ingredients and upbeat staff—not to mention its aesthetic that brings to mind the soda jerks and quaint drive-thrus of the 1950s. The beloved burger joint has amassed a cult-like following, and it has continued to entice diners with its limited availability.

Fans from around the world stop to eat at the restaurant whenever they find themselves in proximity to an In-N-Out Burger, which includes some 300 locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah. Each time In-N-Out crosses into new territory, burger fanatics come out of the woodwork to celebrate the chain’s success.

So where next?

In-N-Out Burger Is on the Move

Those living in Colorado will soon have cause for celebration: The restaurant will be opening as many as 50 locations in The Centennial State, beginning in Colorado Springs. In-N-Out has inked a deal and bought land where new locations will be erected within the next two years. This will be the chain’s most eastern presence to date. (Find out more In-N-Out facts that might surprise you.)

The first Colorado restaurant is projected to open in summer of 2020. While that’s a huge step for In-N-Out, vice president of real estate and development Carl Arena has stated that In-N-Out’s official Colorado opening likely won’t happen for another two years. An office building measuring approximately 150,000 square feet is also set to open in the near future, and now that the land for both properties are owned, construction may begin quicker than we realized.

Although there are many In-N-Out Burger locations outside of California, Colorado will be the second state, after California, to house a patty production facility—meaning that the company is looking to establish a solid presence in Colorado and, perhaps in the future, its neighboring states.

With the expansion of the In-N-Out Burger chain farther east, the rest of us throughout the country can cross our fingers that the fast food empire will continue its sweep across the nation. Here’s why we won’t hold our breath, though.

Until then, it’s never a bad idea to ask your friend in California to overnight you an order of animal fries on ice. If that doesn’t grab you, you could try this… And if cheeseburgers and fries aren’t your fast-food fancy, one of these make-at-home copycats might be.

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