IHOP Just Launched Its Fall Menu for 2020—and It Includes Milk ‘n’ Cookies Pancakes

We love a new line-up of pancakes, and this season doesn't disappoint. Grab a warm mug of Cookies 'n' Cream Hot Chocolate on the new IHOP fall menu ASAP!

Nothing gets my nostalgia going quite like reminiscing about the breakfasts my mom used to make in the morning. French toast, sausage, eggs, bacon and pancakes were always ready and rarin’ to go. There’s something very comforting about breakfast food, and that’s not even mentioning how totally delicious it is! I mean, who doesn’t like brinner?!

If you’re looking for the tastiest breakfast meal around, look no further than the one and only IHOP. They’ve got pancakes in their name for a reason, don’t they?

A Closer Look at the IHOP Fall Menu

While IHOP was making waves a few years ago when they almost modified their name to IHOB (International House of Burgers), their ability to make a mean stack of ‘cakes has never changed. And for that, we thank them!

Around this time last year, IHOP introduced a spooky menu inspired by The Addams Family. It was beyond amazing. Even though that menu isn’t making a comeback this year, we’ve got new items to look forward to instead! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Milk ‘n’ Cookies Pancakes

IHOP Cookies and Cream PancakesVia ihop.com

Yes, the name alone is enough to make your mouth water, but wait until I tell you what’s inside! These wondrous creations include Oreo pieces in the batter with some super sweet toppings–powdered sugar, sweet milk mousse, vanilla sauce, sprinkles and more Oreo pieces, of course!

Cookies ‘n’ Cream Hot Chocolate

Via ihop.com

Like the pancakes above, this charming fall beverage is full of Oreo pieces. However, these pancakes are far more choco-fied! The batter is made from toasted marshmallow hot chocolate and is topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and a solid scoop of Oreo pieces as a finishing touch!

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

IHOP Pumpkin Spice PancakesVia ihop.com

You know ’em, you love ’em, they’re Pumpkin Spice! Made from real pumpkin and classic fall spices, these pancakes are everything we love about fall. Warm, fluffy and topped with whipped cream! A seasonal favorite.

Cinn-A-Stack Pancakes

IHOP Cinn-A-Stack PancakesVia ihop.com

My ride-or-die order when it comes to IHOP. Sweet, delicious pancakes drizzled in an irresistible cream cheese icing and smothered in a melty, cinnamon spread. It’s heaven on a plate! I’ll take a stack for here, and a stack to-go, please.

When Is the Menu Available?

The fall menu is available RIGHT NOW, but it’s only for a limited time! You definitely don’t want to miss these amazing menu items, so stop by for a morning boost or, you know, whenever. You’ll thank me later!

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