How to Prep for Your Whole30

Ready to accept the challenge of Whole30 but not sure how to prepare for it? Follow these steps for the smoothest possible journey!

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Whole30 is the latest health craze—a 30-day cleanse where you abstain from processed foods, dairy, grains, and well, read all about it here! But this cleanse is more than just eating the right foods. You have to prepare your kitchen, body and mind for the challenge! Here’s how to set yourself up for Whole30 success.

Get rid of no-no’s

Clear out anything in your kitchen and house that you can’t have on your plan. This might be harder if you share space with roommates, a significant other or kids, but try to clear out some space designated just for your food and stay out of the rest of the cabinets to avoid temptation!

Plan your meals

If you don’t already meal plan or at the very least think about what you’ll eat in the days ahead, this is the perfect time to start. Make a grocery list of everything you need to make lots of Whole30 approved meals—that means lots of fresh veggies, fruit, seafood, meat and eggs. These items should be the basis for a majority of your meals, but don’t forget to have plenty of spices, seasonings, and healthy fats on hand as well. Try this amazing rainbow hash recipe or these tuna kabobs to start.

Prep, prep, prep

Since you’ll want to be doing most of your eating at home, at least at first while you get used to what exactly you can and cannot have, meal prepping is a great way to portion out your food for the week. This will definitely make you far less likely to go for something on the no-no list like chips if you have a big-batch of roasted veggies ready for snacking!

Survey your tools

Make sure you have all the right utensils, pots and pans to accomplish all the yummy dishes you’ll be creating over the next 30 days! Thankfully, Whole30 has a great list of recommended items on their site, along with other resources to help you along your journey.

Make friends

To keep on track, it helps to connect with others on the same lifestyle trek as you. Whole30 offers an official community online, including moderators and “veterans” who have done the program at least once. This can be an especially beneficial if you’re doing it on your own in your house and are looking for a little extra motivation. If you want a little more help, try to get some pals together in the neighborhood or at the office to keep you going on your journey.

Still feeling a little uneasy about your next 30 days? Molly, a Taste of Home staffer, shared her seven biggest tips on how she conquered Whole30 and made it work for her lifestyle!

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