You’ve Been Pouring Milk from a Carton the Wrong Way—Here’s What to Do Instead

Hint: You have to reverse your pour.

Some things are so routine, you don’t even think twice while doing them. No one questions how they’re peeling potatoes or filling an ice cube tray, for instance. That is, until TikTok came along with mind-blowing videos that showed us the right way to peel potatoes and fill an ice cube tray! What’s next?

If a video making the rounds is to be believed, it’s that we’ve been pouring drinks out of cartons incorrectly. What?!

How to Pour Milk from a Carton

It’s news to us, too—there’s a right way and a wrong way to pour from a carton. The TikTok video posted by @goldilocks.bears.x shows a square cardboard milk carton with a plastic spout closer to one end. Logically, you’d pour the liquid into a cup with the spout side closest to the cup.

Usually, the milk glugs a little and splashes into the cup. But with one tiny adjustment, it’s smooth sailing. You just need to reverse the carton so the spout is on the far side of what you’re pouring into. Here’s what I mean:

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This trick works best for non-dairy milks that come in cartons, like oat milk and almond milk. It’s also helpful for pouring orange juice and broth.

Why Does This Work?

There’s a scientific explanation for this trick, according to Nerdist. The atmospheric pressure is the same inside and outside the carton, so when you pour with the spout closest to a mug or glass, the liquid is being pushed out by its own weight and the air isn’t flowing. When you reverse your pour, a small hole in the spout lets air flow in and out, so the pressure remains neutral and you get a beautiful stream. Genius!

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