How to Make a Turkey-Shaped Sourdough Bread Loaf for Thanksgiving

This turkey-shaped bread is the Thanksgiving dinner side that's as cute as it is delicious!

Thanksgiving is the ultimate guilt-free holiday. Sharing our favorite appetizers, glazed turkeys, side dishes and apple pies with our loved ones—it almost seems too good to be true sometimes. Who wouldn’t want to chow down all day with the best company anyone could ask for?

That’s why we’re giving you the most deliciously adorable side dish for your family get-together this holiday season: sourdough turkey-shaped bread loaf. You’ll be so impressed by the time you’re done, you may not even want to eat it!

How to Make a Turkey-Shaped Sourdough Loaf

This recipe comes from TikTok user @cottageloaves. She also has an Instagram with plenty of superb bread recipes that you really must try for yourself.

For this loaf, we’ll be starting off with the sourdough recipe found on @cottageloaves‘s Instagram page. Once you’ve got your bread dough ready to go, there are only a few more steps to shape it properly.

To create the smaller, upper wings of the turkey, you’ll want to make two small diagonal cuts on either side of the dough, without cutting completely through. You can use a dough scraper if you have one available. Then, you’ll want to fold them onto the top of your “turkey breast” as the top wings would normally sit. So cute!

Afterward, you’ll do the same cuts on the bottom of your dough except significantly larger and all the way through. The idea is to take these pieces and reattach them slightly down the body to look more like drumsticks. Make sure not to flour the dough before this point so the dough will adhere to itself. Fold one leg slightly over the other to give the bread bird a tied look.

@cottageloaves“Turkey” loaf! Dibs on the drumstick🍗 🥖 #Breadtok #VeganTurkey♬ You’re as Pretty as a Picture – Al Bowlly

To get that golden brown color, sprinkle a mixture of paprika and cocoa powder lightly over your dough. Bake in a Dutch oven, lid on, at 475 °F for 20 minutes and then at 450 °F with the lid off for 15-18 minutes, depending on how golden you’d like your turkey. Brush with olive oil after it’s cooled. Be careful not to gobble it all up at once!

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