How to Make Fizzy Wine Spritzers Just Like Olive Garden’s

Making fruity, fizzy wine cocktails is a lot simpler than you think. Learn our secret formula for winning wine spritzer party drinks!

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Forgot to grab ingredients for your go-to cocktails before your party? No problem! A wine spritzer is the perfect fun and fizzy drink that your friends will love, and never know that it was so easy to throw together!

Especially popular in Italy and at your local Olive Garden, the perfect wine spritzer is perfect for any occasion! You can even make this a mocktail for the kids with sparkling grape juice instead of wine. Here’s how you can easily whip one up at home.



  1. Ensure that everything is very, very cold before starting! When the liquid hits the glass, it should frost up.
  2. Pour your wine and sparkling water over ice.
  3. Garnish with fresh or frozen fruits of your choosing, the possibilities are endless! Try combinations like sparkling peach water and fresh raspberries, or lemon water and orange slices for white wine, and mixed berry water with blueberries for red wine. Feel free to experiment and decorate your glasses based on the occasion.

This elegant cocktail really is that simple! Now go and enjoy—cheers!

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