This Video Shows You the Fastest Way to Put Clothes on a Hanger

You'll never stretch out the neckline of your favorite top again.

Look, we’ll be honest—we’re not fans of laundry day. Sure, it’s gotten easier since we stopped making laundry mistakes and figured out why our clothes keep shrinking—we even figured out a few ways to unshrink them. But while washing may have become easier, putting laundry away still takes forever, which is why we were so excited when we discovered this hack for hanging up clothes so much faster!

The Laundry Hack That Retail Stores Use

If you were wondering how retail stores get inventory up so quickly, this is how. TikTok user @mommaneedsahobby demonstrated this hack that has now become an “unconscious standard practice” in her life, and she hangs up seven (we counted) shirts in the time it took us to, well, watch the video.

@mommaneedsahobbyHow do you hang your shirts? #lifehacks #hangingshirts #over30 #adulting♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

Sure, it’s sped up, but that technique definitely looks like it’ll save us some time on laundry day! But many of us couldn’t really get the hang of the hack, so thankfully, she delivered a slower tutorial.

@mommaneedsahobbyReply to @marriinnaa4 the slowed down tutorial you all asked for! #viral #laundryhacks #retailhacks♬ original sound – carol11larson

In the second video, she demonstrates how she hangs up each shirt, one at a time.

It’s pretty simple. You find the neck hole, put your hand through it from the bottom and let the shirt hang off your arm. Then grab a hanger and slide it (slowly) through the shirt and out through the neck hole. Voila—one neatly hung shirt.

It might take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, you can probably replicate her first video. This will save so much time on laundry day!

More Handy Home Hacks

TikTok has all kind of helpful hints for household tasks. The app taught us a trick for peeling potatoes, how to peel garlic in 5 seconds and how to prevent batter splatter (which comes with an added bonus: you’ll have less laundry to do).

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