This Is How to Open Freeze Pops Without Scissors

How did we not know this all along?

Nothing screams “summer” like a pack of freeze pops. The cold, brightly-colored treats were a staple of childhood summers and now, as adults, it’s hard to resist boozy ice pops. The only problem is that the plastic isn’t always easy to open, leaving us to rely on our teeth (which can cause tooth damage), sharp knives or scissors. Luckily, there’s a brand-new way to eat ice pops.

TikTok user @shelbbrazzell shared a simple hack for opening the pops—and peoples’ minds are blown.

How to Eat Freeze Pops

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You don’t need anything for this trick besides your bare hands, but it does work best when your pops are fresh out of the freezer. Be sure your ice pops are really frozen.

  1. Hold the ice pop with both hands close to the middle.
  2. Quickly pull the ice pop apart by moving your wrists upward and away. The popsicle should snap in half.
  3. Enjoy both halves of the ice pop!

This is a whole new way to eat Otter Pops and Fla-Vor-Ice, some of the best popsicles of all time!

Does This Really Work?

Like a lot of trends, the ice pop hack doesn’t work for everyone. The TikTok video clearly shows the pop cracking in half, and many of the comments are from people who have used this trick for years. Still, a lot of people, myself included, couldn’t get it to work. I bag and managed to break one ice pop after lots of twisting, but that’s not really the TikTok hack.

Many TikTok users couldn’t get their ice pops to snap in half and ended up with a bunch of mush in the middle. Long, skinny ice pops, like Bolis, seem to work better. People also speculate that different ice pop brands use different types of plastic, some of which may be more difficult to snap open.

Suddenly craving a frozen treat but don’t want to wrestle with the plastic? You can learn how to make popsicles at home and try one of our refreshing popsicle recipes.

Sarra Sedghi
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