Here’s How to Degrease Sauce in Just Minutes, According to the Internet

This genius trick can make your sauce even healthier—without sacrificing all that flavor!

Grease can be difficult to monitor, not to mention getting rid of it completely from your meals. This thickened lubricant can be found in the most unexpected dishes—especially sauces. But is that so terrible? Unfouratnetly, consuming grease in your daily diet can lead to increased heart disease and stroke due to changes in blood pressure, weight and cholesterol. As we get older, it’s incredibly important to stay on top of our health vitals as much as possible. Removing extra fat is one of the most helpful ways.

So if you have a greasy sauce and need a way to skim away the extra fat, here’s how to degrease sauce in just minutes thanks to a genius TikTok video. Trust us, you’ll use this quick trick for the rest of your cooking days.

How to Degrease Sauce

Our favorite Grandma Babs aka @brunchwithbabs, over on TikTok always has the right answer. That’s why we turn to her in our time of need…our degreasing need!

@brunchwithbabs You will never have to worry about greasy sauce or gravy again!!! #motherlyadvice #grandmasoftiktok #grandmatips ♬ original sound – everyone’s grandmother

She was kind enough to show us this quick and easy hack that could save us a lot of health issues down the road. All you really need are two things: ice and a ladle.

According to Babs, start by filling your ladle with a good amount of ice. Make sure the ladle gets nice and cold. Then simply dip the bottom of your ladle into the surface of your sauce and let the grease gather underneath. Take the ladle out, wipe the excess grease off the ladle and repeat the process until all grease has left the building. So simple!

The cold from the ice is what attracts the grease, so that’s the main focus.

Don’t forget the importance of cleaning grease off your kitchen surfaces.

How Does This Work?

Fat renders in three different phases: solid, liquid and gas.

When it comes to saturated and unsaturated fats, saturated fat has a much higher melting point. Because of this, it takes longer for saturated fats to liquefy.

These saturated fats can be hiding in our sauces and soups without us knowing, but that’s why this trick is so wonderful. The cold temperature causes the grease fat to solidify quickly due to its higher melting point. This way we can painlessly remove the grease using this simple ice-and-ladle method and enjoy our sauces and gravies in peace.

You can also use the fridge as another method of separating fats from your food. Water and oil do not form a chemical bond, so placing your food in the fridge may cause the fat to float to the top. Simply scoop it out, and voila! No more grease to worry about. Try it next time you cook up your favorite homemade gravy.

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