This Viral Video Shows You How to Cut Lettuce In 1 Second Flat

The best part? You don't even need a knife.

With quarantine continuing on (and on, and on…) TikTok is going strong with cooking hacks and recipes, like this handy ‘milking’ technique that makes cucumbers less bitter, and puffy cloud bread that uses only three ingredients.

Now, as temperatures soar and everyone turns to light and leafy salads, the video-sharing platform has come through again with an incredible hack. TikTok user @nutritionbabe posted a video that shows us how to cut lettuce in one second.

How to Cut Lettuce, According to TikTok

It’s super easy! You don’t even need a knife. You grab a bunch of romaine lettuce (or iceberg lettuce), hold it above the counter and slam it down with some force. Voila! You’ve got a bunch of ready-to-use leaves for summer salads or wraps!

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How Does This Work?

Romaine lettuce is gathered around a hard core. This core usually needs to be carefully cut out, but that can leave the edges ragged and takes more time. This technique uses pressure to break the edges of the leaves from the core and projects it into the head. All you have to do after that is toss the core and use your lettuce.

How to Use and Store Lettuce

The next step, of course, is to wash your greens. For details, check out our guide to washing lettuce like a professional.

Once that’s done, it’s time to use that lettuce. This simple green salad with berries is coated with a deliciously tangy raspberry dressing. For something more filling, try our Southwest turkey lettuce wraps.

The best way to store your leftover lettuce fresh is by spinning the leaves dry and slipping them into a lettuce keeper or airtight container in the fridge. If you’re looking to keep your leaves around for a bit longer, you can store romaine lettuce in the freezer, too.

Every Way to Make a Lettuce Wrap
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