How to Cut a Pineapple

Lush with tropical sweetness, pineapples are also armored (literally) with spikes and prickles. This is the best way to peel, slice and chop fresh pineapple to get the most out of the fruit.

Sweet, juicy and full of flavor, fresh pineapple is one of our favorite fruits. However, cutting a whole pineapple can be a little intimidating. That’s why we broke the process down into three simple steps. All you need is a sharp knife!

Before You Begin: Expert Tips from the Test Kitchen

  • These fruits are harvested at peak ripeness—they get their sugar from the root of their plant, so they won’t sweeten any further on your table. Choose a firm one with bright, healthy-looking leaves.
  • They do look great on your counter, and ripe pineapples release sweet fragrance into the room. If keeping fruit at room temperature, eat within a few days. Otherwise, store pineapple in the fridge.

Alt=”Cutting a pineapple from the crown to the base.”

Step 1: Peel the Pineapple

The method is similar to peeling any fruit, but on a larger scale, so you’ll probably want a larger knife. Working carefully, cut off crown of the fruit. Stand pineapple upright and cut off the rind using a sharp knife. Cut off the base.

Cutting eyes off of fresh pineapple.

Step 2: Cut Wedges

Follow the pattern of the eyes to cut diagonal wedge-shaped grooves in pineapple. Remove the wedges.

Cutting next to the core of a whole pineapple.

Step 3: Slice the Fruit

Stand pineapple upright and cut off fruit next to, but not through, the core. Cut pieces into chunks or spears.

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