This TikTok Hack Shows You How to Clean Your Couch So It Looks Brand-New

Updated: Apr. 13, 2023

Just watch the grime melt away!

Collage Of Tiktok Showing How To Clean Your CouchVia @_.claribel_/Tiktok (3)

Keeping the house clean takes a lot of energy. It can feel like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done! If you throw pets and kids into the mix, it can feel even more difficult. To simplify things, we recommend following our step-by-step living room cleaning guide. And hey, if you need to clean things fast, we’ve got some ideas for that, too.

It’s possible to make your life easier and more productive at the same time. That’s why this TikTok hack on how to clean a couch caught our attention right away.

How to Clean Your Couch

This magnificent hack comes from TikTok user @_.claribel_. Thanks, now we’re obsessed!

@_.claribel_ I have two kids, this hack is gnna come in so handy 🙌 #houscleaninghack #MakeASplash #househack #momhack #mommalife #cleanhouse ♬ Down On Me – Jeremih

What You’ll Need


Start with an empty bucket for your cleaning solution. Fill it about halfway or more with hot water and drop in the dishwasher pod and about a capful of Fabuloso. Mix until thoroughly combined.

Next, take your washcloth or microfiber towel and dunk it in the cleaning mix. Make sure it’s completely saturated. Squeeze out the excess. Find out how to wash microfiber towels the right way.

Place the washcloth flat on the counter. Center your pot lid on the washcloth and fold each corner toward the handle of the lid. Now take your DIY couch scrubber and go to work on those cushions! This should work on both cloth and leather couches, but there’s a special method to follow for cleaning a microfiber couch.

After you’ve scrubbed to your heart’s content, remove the cloth and wring out the dirt. It can be hard to believe how much dirt gets on our furniture without us realizing! Dunk the cloth back into the cleaning solution and repeat until your couch is scrubbed completely. Not only will it effectively clear surface dirt and impurities, but it will also leave your house smelling oh-so-sweet!