How to Carve a Pineapple for Halloween

Move over, pumpkins. It's time for spooky pineapples!

Do you know the history of pumpkin carving for Halloween? The European legend has it that Jack, a town drunk, swindler and trickster, landed up in a situation where he could enter neither heaven nor hell. Instead, Jack was banished to a darker realm with only a coal to guide the way. He placed his coal in a hallowed turnip and continued on. The term “Jack of the lantern” soon became “Jack o’ lantern.”

This year, we’d like to give Jack a new type of lantern. Here’s how to carve a pineapple for Halloween!

Why Should I Carve a Pineapple for Halloween?

We’ve been carving pumpkins for centuries now. Making scary faces and elaborate portraits on pumpkins may be tradition, but have you ever seen a pineapple with a face before? Oddly creepy.

The oval shape and spiky leaves give it a whole different vibe. Imagine a group of these guys staring at you from a porch.

I’m always into trying something new, so these are more than perfect for me. Besides, you can use all the leftover pineapple for a ton of pineapple salsa!

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How to Carve a Pineapple

Step 1: Cut off the top

If needed, steady the pineapple with a dish towel.

Make a 1-2 inch cut at the top of the pineapple, keeping the leaves attached. Set the top aside.

Step 2: Remove the pineapple “guts”

Like with a pumpkin, it’s time to remove the pineapple guts. Leave the pineapple upright and begin to scoop out the insides with a pineapple corer. If you don’t have a corer, carefully use a knife. Remove the pineapple flesh about 1/2 inch from the skin. Save the fruit for delicious pineapple recipes.

Pour out any remaining juice and blot the inside with paper towels until dry.

Step 3: Carve the face

Place your pineapple on its side and begin to carve, just as you would a pumpkin. Get creative! This is your time to shine, and with a new shape, there’s nothing you can’t try.

Go back in with paper towels and dry the new cuts. Pineapples are pretty juicy, so we want to make sure everything looks clean. To keep your pineapple from browning on the inside, use a splash of orange juice.

Step 4: Add a candle

As you would with your classic jack o’ lantern, place a candle on the inside and reattach the top. Now bask in the glory of your wicked creation!

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