This Is How Ree Drummond Serves Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob was the hit summer dish at Ree Drummond's recent party in Pawhuska, Oklahoma! Here's how she decided to serve it.

It was quite the party over in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, this Fourth of July, thanks to none other than Ree Drummond. Between the cotton candy, steak bites, and adorable Mercantile T-shirts (that’s Ree’s first restaurant in Pawhuska), the “Patriotic Party on the Prairie” looked like the hometown gathering of any American’s dreams. Especially if that dream involves fresh, buttery corn on the cob!

In a recent blog entry, Ree shared a few photos of corn on the grill from this patriotic shindig, and man that corn looks good. Oh, and did I mention it looks incredibly easy to make? Ree may not have cooked these puppies herself, but boy, does she know how to serve a delicious corn on the cob.

Psst: Did you read that other blog entry where she asked readers to help plan her new cookbook?

First, grill the corn in the husk

That’s right! Unlike most corn on the cob recipes, the cooks over at Ree’s patriotic party were throwing whole in-husk cobs on the grill. However, what isn’t pictured is the presoak that the unshucked ears of corn need before grilling (here’s how to grill corn). Make sure to soak the ears in cold water for 30 minutes before lining them up on the grill.

Once soaked, place the ears on the grill and turn them occasionally. A half-hour should do the trick. The husks should be charred black by the time you take them off.

Second, peel back the husk

Those husks are hot, so use gloves! Peel them back and remove the silk.

Third, dip it in a bucket of butter

That’s right! There’s no light buttering over at Ree’s party. Those cobs were dunked in a huge bucket of melted butter. When I saw that photo, I actually cheered. Corn and butter are like the beach and sunshine—the perfect pair for a perfect summer day.

Corn is just one of the many delicious dishes Ree likes to serve over the Fourth of July. Maybe she’ll even engrave the recipe into her line of wooden recipe cards. If you’re inspired to throw a patriotic party of your own, here are Ree Drummond’s signature Fourth of July dishes.

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