Here’s How Much to Make of Every Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

Time to fill up your plate!

Whether this is your first or twentieth year hosting Thanksgiving, figuring how much of each dish to make (or request to bring) is a head-scratcher. Avoid dishes full of leftover green bean casserole or running out of pumpkin pie by following our handy serving size charts for every single course, including beverages.

Make this year’s Thanksgiving the most flavorful yet with our best Thanksgiving recipes of all time.


Start the night off on the right foot with a platter or two of tempting appetizers. Since each guest will have about 6 pieces (or 2 tablespoons of dip) you can mix-and-match apps until you reach the right count.

Per person6

Here are some appetizer ideas you’ll want to make this year.

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Running out of drinks (or ice!) can be a hosting nightmare. Does someone run to the store halfway through the evening or does everyone sip on warm tap water? Keep the cocktails and mocktails flowing with these suggested volumes.

5 Guests10 Guests20 Guests
Wine3 bottles5 bottles10 bottles
Beer15 cans30 cans60 cans
Champagne3 bottles5 bottles10 bottles
Spirits1 bottle2 bottles4 bottles
Liqueurs1 bottle1 bottle2 bottles
Nonalcoholic (if alcohol provided/if not)5/15 cans10/30 cans20/60 cans
Ice5 lbs10 lbs.20 lbs.

Note: These allotments are based on one type of beverages over two hours. If your party is longer or you’re planning on having more than one type of drink, adjust accordingly.

Here are some cocktails to get your holiday party going.

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As the star of any Thanksgiving spread, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have enough turkey to go around. If you find yourself in need of 20 pounds of turkey or more, split the weight between two smaller birds or add in turkey breast.

GuestsPounds of Turkey

These turkey recipes will have you counting down the days to next year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

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Organizing the score of Thanksgiving side dish options doesn’t have to be a brain-buster. We grouped side dishes into six main categories so you can split up the serving based on what dishes your family likes to eat.

Per Person5 Guests10 Guests20 Guests
Veggie Sides3-4 oz2-3 cups4-5 cups9 cups
Potato Sides1 potato5 potatoes10 potatoes20 potatoes
Stuffing3/4 cup4 cups7 1/2 cups15 cups
Gravy1/2 cup2 1/2 cups5 cups10 cups
Cranberry Sauce1/2 cup2 1/2 cups5 cups10 cups
Bread (small rolls or slices)2102040

Round out your holiday spread with our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.

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Make sure you save room for dessert! After all, what’s Thanksgiving without a slice of pumpkin pie?

Per Person5 Guests10 Guests20 Guests
Pie/Tart1 slice1 pie2 pies4 pies
Cake1 slice1 9-inch round1 layered 9-inch round1 sheet cake
Cookies1-2 cookies1 dozen2 dozen3 dozen
Brownies/Bars1 piece1 8-in. square1 13×9-in baking pan2 13×9-in baking pan
Ice Cream5 ounces2 pints1.5 quarts2 gallons

Take a look at these recipes that begging to be on your dessert table.

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But what about kids?

If you have little rascals attending your Thanksgiving feast, here’s how to count them in the carts above.

  • 12 years old and over is equal to 1 adult portion.
  • 6-11 years old is equal to half an adult portion.
  • 5 years old and under is equal to about a third of an adult portion.
  • A super picky eater is equal to two adult servings of mashed potatoes and a pad of butter.

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