This Is How Many Steps You Need to Burn Off the Most Popular Candy

Here's a look at just how many steps are needed to burn off that tasty Snickers bar!

If sticking to a workout routine has been on your to-do list forever, it may be time to invest in an activity tracker! (Like this sleek-looking Fitbit.) Getting regular exercise—like walking—can prevent and even reverse health conditions like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Wearing a tracker to count your steps can also be a great reminder to get up and move throughout the day.

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The best part about having an activity tracker is that it shows you how many steps you have taken that day, plus the distance you’ve traveled and the calories you burned.

Being able to see how many calories you burn throughout the day can help you stay mindful of the calories you’re taking in, too. Many of us don’t realize just how many steps are needed to burn off our favorite treats! Even a small treat like a Kit Kat Bar can require over 6,000 steps to burn off, so you may want to know your numbers before ripping open that wrapper…

3 Musketeers 212 calories,
6,625 steps
100 Grand Bar 200.5 calories,
6,266 steps
Almond Joy 232 calories,
7,250 steps
Baby Ruth 288.5 calories,
9,016 steps
Butterfinger 216 calories,
6,750 steps
Cadbury’s Carmello 220 calories,
6,875 steps
Kit Kat 220.5 calories,
6,891 steps
Milky Way 228.5 calories,
7,141 steps
Nestle Crunch 229.5 calories,
7,172 steps
Oh Henry 245.5 calories,
7,672 steps
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups 222 cups,
6,938 steps
Snickers 273 calories,
8,531 steps
Twix, Caramel 284.5 calories,
8,891 steps
Twix, Peanut Butter 307.5 calories,
9,609 steps
Whatchamacallit 256.5 calories,
8,016 steps
York Peppermint Patty 149 calories,
4,656 steps
Krackel 236 calories,
7,375 steps
5th Avenue Bar 269.9 calories,
8,434 steps
Hershey’s Pot of Gold Almond Bar 450 calories,
14,063 steps
Milky Way Midnight Bar 221.5 calories,
6,922 steps
Rolos 233 calories,
7,281 steps
Mars Almond Bar 233.5 calories,
7,297 steps
M&Ms, Plain 236 calories,
7,375 steps
M&Ms, Peanut 242.5 calories,
7,578 steps

* Calorie and step estimates may vary depending on your workout intensity and body type.

Not up for adding 7,000 steps per day just for one candy bar? Try starting with a short walk in the morning, and you may find you don’t even want that Snickers in the first place (speaking of, here’s how you can make your very own healthy Snickers)! Studies show that a quick 15-minute walk can cut your craving for sweets like candy bars.

Simply walking more has been linked to improved weight control, lowered risk for high blood pressure and diabetes, stronger immune system, improved balance, stronger bones and improved mood. For those days when the candy bar feels worth it, treat yourself with decadent candy bar cheesecake brownies or Butterfinger cookie bars. Then lace up those sneakers and get to work!

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