Hot Pockets Wrapped Its New Breakfast Sandwich in a PANCAKE CRUST

This might be the best Hot Pockets ever.

When you’re quarantining at home, it’s surprisingly easy to experiment with food mashups. Why not turn Boston cream pie into cupcakes? Or invent taco burgers? We’re all definitely making the most of our time indoors.

Well, food brands are doing some experimenting, too, and Hot Pockets just released a new item that features a pancake crust!

Are They Breakfast or Dinner?

Don’t worry, Hot Pockets didn’t stuff a pancake with pepperoni pizza or meatballs. This brand-new sandwich has bacon, egg and cheese as a filling, according to Instagram account @candyhunting, and swaps the usual flaky crust for a fluffy pancake.

Think of it like a McGriddles sandwich you can microwave at home whenever the mood strikes. Can a version with sausage be far behind? Probably not! It’s rumored that Hot Pockets is also rolling out breakfast sandwiches with a biscuit crust. And no, you’re not imagining things—Hot Pockets did dabble in biscuit crusts over a decade ago.

See what state the Hot Pockets brand hails from.

Can I Get Them Delivered?

These new Hot Pockets are slated to drop in late May, so keep your eye out for them in “virtual” freezer aisles. They appear to be on Instacart already and we expect them to be on nationwide retail sites like Walmart and Target soon.

We should be doing our best to avoid grocery stores right now. But just because you’re unable to shop at your local Aldi or Publix doesn’t mean you can’t get what you need. There are plenty of options available for home delivery or pickup.

Ever wanted to make a homemade Hot Pocket? These fun snacks are easier to whip up than you might think.

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