Hot Cocoa Bomb Lattes Are the Perfect Way to Start Your Winter Morning

You can wake up to the perfect combination of coffee and hot cocoa with this hot cocoa bomb latte.

When the temperature dips and the snow starts falling, there’s nothing we crave more than a cozy mug of hot cocoa. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to indulge—you can organize your setup with Target’s hot cocoa bar set or crack open a homemade hot cocoa bomb for a flurry of marshmallows.

We’d love to wake up to hot cocoa, but it’s not exactly the pick-me-up early mornings call for. Or it wasn’t…until now.

You can maximize morning indulgence with hot cocoa bomb lattes, aka the trick you’ll use over and over this winter!

How to Make Hot Cocoa Bomb Lattes

The best part about this recipe is that it doesn’t ask for much. You’ll need steamed milk, freshly brewed espresso and the hot cocoa bomb of your choice. Don’t have an espresso machine at the ready? Don’t worry—here’s how to make a latte at home without all of the fancy equipment.

Simply pop the bomb into a mug and pour the espresso over it (or let your mug sit under the espresso machine) until the outer shell begins to crack. Next, fill your mug up with steamed milk and stir the mixture together.

The result is a hot cocoa bomb latte that perfectly balances rich chocolate and punchy espresso. It’s ideal for a morning treat or even an after-dinner indulgence, if you prefer to use decaffeinated espresso.

Editor’s tip: Make sure you don’t allow your espresso to sit for more than 10 seconds to ensure the freshest taste you can get every time.

How to Top Your Hot Cocoa Bomb Latte

We love this recipe for more than just the sweet, caffeinated outcome. Hot cocoa bomb lattes are easily customizable, and you can mix and match the toppings and flavors you crave the most.

Use caramel or peppermint to give your hot cocoa bomb latte a little more body, and finish your masterpiece with whipped cream and some sprinkles on top.

How you do hot cocoa bomb lattes is totally up to you—and that’s the sweetest part about them!

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