Hostess Is Selling Iced Lattes That Taste Like Twinkies and Honey Buns

Hostess iced lattes are loaded with all the flavors we've come to love from, well, Hostess snacks!

Nothing gets us out of bed in the morning like an iced coffee pick-me-up. But when you don’t have the time to hit the Starbucks drive-thru, Hostess is here to deliver the caffeine you crave. (Not to mention all the sweetness from your favorite midnight snacks.)

Now, you can enjoy a Twinkie and get your caffeine kick-starter, all in one bottle. Hostess iced lattes are made for the morning!

This Is the Best Part of Waking Up

Sorry, Folger’s, we’re skipping the drip coffee and heading straight to the convenience store. The new Hostess iced lattes are chock-full of all those classic snacks we loved as kids. Look out for four different flavors:

  • Twinkies, featuring a sweet, sponge cakey syrup blended with coffee
  • Ding Dongs, with a hint of vanilla and smooth chocolate
  • Honey Buns, loaded with a creamy, honey-based syrup
  • Sno Balls, including hints of decadent chocolate cake and sweet coconut

Crack one of these ready-to-drink lattes open in the morning, and indulge in a blend of your favorite cake with an energizing caffeine punch. Though not all of Hostess’ legendary cakes are on the roster just yet, we imagine they’ll be joining the lineup soon. Is anyone else craving a Ho Hos latte?!

Hostess Mint Chocolate Cupcakes are still here—but only for a limited time.

You Won’t Have to Wait Long!

Hostess iced lattes haven’t hit the coffee aisle just yet, but they’ll be here faster than you can say “Twinkie.” The flavors will officially launch in April. We don’t have a price point on them just yet, but we’d pay just about anything to get our hands on these lattes.

In the meantime, you can always load up on other treats from Hostess, like Iced Lemon Cupcakes. They’re here just in time for spring, but won’t be around for long. Maybe Hostess will indulge us with an Iced Lemon Cupcakes latte next spring—one can dream!

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