Holiday Dessert Boards Are the Festive Treats Your Family Needs Right Now

These adorable holiday dessert boards will have you saying, "ho ho ho!" at first bite.

Christmas is coming up fast, and you know what that means—indulging in all kinds of seasonal sweets! As much as we love the store-bought stuff (like rich hot cocoa bombs and Mint Chocolate Twinkies), it’s just not the holidays if the oven isn’t working on a fresh batch of snickerdoodles or gingerbread men.

What do you do with all those cookies once they’ve cooled, though? Y’know—besides mailing them to family and friends.

This year, kick Christmas off right with a holiday dessert board. Just make sure to put it away before Santa heads down the chimney. You won’t want to share any leftovers!

The Holiday Dessert Boards We Love

Looking for the perfect centerpiece for your (socially distanced) holiday party? Try a gorgeous holiday dessert board loaded with fresh-baked goodies. You can opt to organize your cookies on a festive tray, bowl or plate, or you can keep it minimalistic by using a simple cutting board. We almost prefer that look—it makes the whole thing seem effortless, somehow.

Just look how beautiful these boards are!

The treats you include on your board are totally up to you. Keep it simple with cookies, or include seasonal favorites like puppy chow, chocolate-covered pretzels and fresh, whole cranberries.

There are so many ways you can mix up your board, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Editor’s tip: You can also put holiday desserts on a decadent hot chocolate board.

How to Build Your Holiday Dessert Board

If you’re not too keen on baking a couple dozen batches of cookies this Christmas, don’t worry—you can load up a holiday dessert board with some pre-made goodies, too. Pillsbury is always rolling out adorable Christmas cookie doughs, and Sugar Cookie Kisses would be the perfect fillers for any blank spaces on your board. You can even make Christmas tree cake dip with Little Debbie cakes or fit your board with a pair of Mickey Mouse ears for some Disney-inspired flair.

How you satisfy that sweet tooth is totally up to you this holiday season. But we know we’ll be making a holiday dessert board ASAP.

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