10 Hive Brands Products You’ll Want to Put on Autoship ASAP

These sustainable Hive Brands products are so good (and affordable) you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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These days, we’re all about making life easy. Especially when it comes to food prep, grocery shopping and meal kits. We already love the extra perks provided with a Walmart Plus membership and the ease of shopping through Grove Co., so when we heard about Hive Brands and their massive collection of sustainable groceries and home items that deliver right to your door—and fast—we got excited.

The site is a treasure trove of healthy pantry essentials, grocery favorites, the best kitchen products and pet food. It’s a bit like Trader Joe’s, in that you’ll also find curated new flavors to wake up your tastebuds and routine.  Hive Brands also boasts an impressive collection of all-natural and additive-free products that make eco-conscious shoppers and people with dietary restrictions feel better than ever.

What is Hive Brands?

The Hive Brands website offers everything from healthy food and pet supplies to cleaning gear and wellness products. The best part? Everything ships right to your door. Find sustainable snacks, good-for-you-dinner ingredients, grain-free cookies and every pantry staple you need for your own DIY keto meal kits. Expect high-quality items that feature qualities like recycled (and recyclable!) packaging, sustainable farming, non-GMO ingredients and other environmentally-friendly practices that will make you proud to be a Hive shopper.

Shipping typically takes one to three business days and is free for most USA-based orders of $50 or more. Even the packing and shipping items used are made of sustainable materials!

Do I need a membership to shop with Hive Brands?

This is one of many ways Hive Brands really shines—you don’t need a membership! Hive shoppers can shop whenever they want, as often as they want without paying for an additional subscription. This applies to everything the site sells, ranging from snacks to natural cleaning products.

Here’s where things get really exciting, though. Lots of major household names sell their products on the Hive Brands website at prices that easily rival Walmart’s best rollbacks and blow some Amazon rates out of the water. That means shopping sustainably and with health in mind doesn’t have to alter your budget—you may even save money. The site does offer subscribe and save options that let you save up to an additional 20% off already-affordable items if you want to go the even easier auto ship route.

Ready to get started? Here are some of our favorite Hive Brand picks.

Our Favorite Hive Brands Products

Pipcorn Heirloom Cheese Balls

Pipcorn Heirloom Cheese Ballsvia merchant

These very grown-up and mature cheese doodles are actually one of the best-selling snacks across the entire Hive Brands site. A bag of Pipcorn Heirloom Cheese Balls is made with real organic cheese and buttermilk and the orange hue comes from just a touch of paprika instead of man-made chemicals. They’re also cheaper on the Hive site than competing retailers, and make for a guilt-free snack while put together a Hello Fresh meal prep kit.

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Simple Mills Almond Flour Brownie Mix

Simple Mills Almond Flour Brownie Mixvia merchant

What’s ooey-gooey, chocolatey and totally gluten-free? This top-rated Simple Mills almond flour brownie mix. It’s easy enough for even novice bakers to master and comes studded with extra delicious chocolate chips. The almond flour base is a gluten-free treat that tastes like the real deal. It’ll easily become one of your new favorite gluten-free baking recipes.

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Organic Smoked Harissa

Organic Smoked Harissavia merchant

Hands down, this affordable organic smoked harissa tube is one of the best buys on the Hive Brands website. We don’t know how we ever cooked without it—it’s simply the easiest and most authentic shortcut to making mouth-watering Moroccan salmon and favorites you’d be hard-pressed to find outside of Middle Eastern cookbooks. Use it on its own as a slightly spicy spread or to add character and depth to tomato sauces.

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Better Life Hand & Body Soap

Better Life Hand & Body Soapvia merchant

The invigorating scent of this Better Life mint and citrus-scented soap is the perfect pick-me-up. It’s one of the best hand soap options for bathrooms thanks to its trendy packaging and nourishing formula that’s gentle enough to use as a body wash. Plus, it’s cheaper than a lot of drugstore brands and a totally vegan, cruelty-free pick.

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Rind Snacks Straw-Peary Sun-Dried Superfruit Blend

Rind Snacks Straw Peary Sun Dried Superfruit Blendvia merchant

These crispy sun-dried superfruits melt on your tongue. Swap them for candy and other guilt-inducing sweets, and you’ll understand why they’re among the most popular snacks Hive Brands sells. Rind Snacks sun-dried fruit is packed with picked-at-their-ripest strawberries and pears that make any afternoon snacking more fun, while adding a touch of sweetness to granola and salads.

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No-Hide Chicken Dog and Cat Stix

No Hide Chicken Dog And Cat Stixvia merchant

One of the most popular things to order from Hive Brands is pet treats. The site offers a wide variety of scrumptious snacks for fur-ever friends, including these yummy no-hide chicken dog and cat stix that offer hours of chewy, delicious entertainment. The best part? They’re totally free of chemical additives and dyes. Try adding a few to a dog charcuterie board if you really want to wow your wagger.

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Elmhurst 1925 Pistachio Milk

Elmhurst 1925 Pistachio Milkvia merchant

Move over almond milk. This Barista Edition version of Elmhurst 1925 pistachio milk is a Hive Pick and a clear customer favorite. It’s a rich, buttery plant-based nut milk that adds depth and flavor to coffee and teas without any dairy. It’s vegan-friendly, OU kosher and a sustainably sourced-and-made healthy coffee creamer you’ll look forward to every morning.

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Flypunch! Fruit Fly Trap

Flypunch Fruit Fly Trapvia merchant

You probably didn’t expect to see a totally wild-looking fruit fly trap on this list, but here we are. This bestselling Flypunch! fruit fly trap is the warm weather countertop item you absolutely need near your hanging fruit basket. The chemical-free fruit fly lure and trap keeps the little buggers off your bananas and away from your kitchen sink.

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A Dozen Cousins Trini Chickpea Curry

Trini Chickpea Curry via merchant

The authentic flavors of Trinidad come out in this fragrant Trini chickpea curry that requires little more than a bowl and microwave. It makes for a quick and easy alternative to takeout and is easy to pack for lunch at the office. It’s fiber-packed and brimming with turmeric, fresh-tasting cilantro and ripe garlic. Yum!

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Better Life Unscented Cleaning Kit

Unscented Cleaning Kit via merchant

Get everything you need to restock your cleaning supply stash at once with this bountiful unscented cleaning kit. These effective cleaning products come in a scent-free bundle of five cruelty-free items that tidy up everything from the kitchen sink to sticky countertops. You’ll get sponges, scrubbers, all-purpose cleaners and dish soap without the harsh fragrances and dyes. That’s smart cleaning!

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